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HEIL success in Latin America

Michael David Pate´s horror thriller HEILSTÄTTEN, which had attracted nearly 200,000 visitors to German cinemas in the spring of 2018, is currently recording 780,000 moviegoers and a $ 2.17m box office in Latin America, according to the film's global distribution company "A Company" who sold the German horror in 55 countries worldwide today.

In Mexico alone EL MANICOMIO telling a group of YouTube-Stars who want to explore the tales of earlier NAZI experiments in the former sanatorium near Berlin and experience a horror trip, has watched by more than 365,000 moviegoers; "Heilstätten" is still in the top ten three weeks after the theatrical release in its most successful territory. In addition, there are 120,000 admissions in Peru and 110,000 in Brazil.

Alexander van Dülmen, CEO of "A Company", knows who he has to thank: "You can only congratulate the colleagues in Latin America and their teams, they have done an exceptionally good job and have made 'Heilstätten' the most successful German film in Latin America for many years."

Producer Till Schmerbeck, who produced the film in co-production with Fox International Productions Germany, emphasizes: "The success of HEILSTÄTTEN in so many countries around the world demonstrates the power of genre and horror films from Germany and I have the next German horror projects in financing.

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