Till Schmerbeck was born someday in Bayern Munich, Germany.


He studied film production at well-known "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" specializing in creative producing for feature films and TV-series.


"The longing", his first feature film, in 2002 (original title: "Das Verlangen") directed by Iain Dilthey was the main winner of A-Festival Locarno 2002. The award winning graduation film was invited to more than 50 international film festivals before it was released in German theaters May 2004. His graduation film "Helden in Gummistiefeln" ("Heroes in rubber boots") was finished for German broadcast SWR/arte in 2005 winning the "Erich-Kästner-Fernsehpreis" for the best children program in German speaking TV 2005.


Till Schmerbeck has produced some shorts. "Der Mann mit dem weißen Bart", a 5min Christmas comedy thriller has been screened on TV at 13th Street. For Walt Disney he produced "007 1/2", a 20min short for children. The co-production "Blindflug" (dir. Ben von Grafenstein) opened Berlinale section "Perspektive Deutsches Kino" in 2007.


His first documentary "Der Generalmanager oder How to sell a tit wonder" about Lolo Ferrari's German tour manager celebrated premiere at Filmfest Munich 2007. "Resist! - Intern rebellion" (german title "Resiste! - Aufstand der Praktikanten") with Katharina Wackernagel in the leading role was released 2009 in German theaters.


For U5 Filmproduktion in Frankfurt Schmerbeck was line producer for the documentary "Harmony" featuring His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales. The co-production with Balcony Films in Los Angeles (directed by former Oscar nominee Stuart Sender) was produced for NBC/Universal.

Schmerbeck was co-producing Olaf Saumers´ debut "Suicide Club" which won the "Interfilmpreis" at Max Ophüls Preis 2011 in Saarbrücken.


From 2013-2016 Schmerbeck was producer for Stephan Wagner's company "carte blanche Film" located at Studio Babelsberg. He produced primetime German TV movies like "Tatort" (Hundstage for WDR) reaching nearly 10million German viewers or "Wer aufgibt ist tot" for German broadcast ARD Degeto/SWR.


Until 2016 Schmerbeck was responsible for producing the German Directors Guild award show "Deutscher Regiepreis" in Munich and the famous Berlinale party "Directors Night".


In 2017 Schmerbeck produced the first German horror movie with funding money called "Heilstätten". The co-production with Fox International Productions was released by 20th Century Fox Feb 22, 2018 staring famous German young actors like Sonja Gerhardt, Tim Oliver Schultz and Lisa-Marie Koroll. It made 178.000 admissions in Germany. HEILSTÄTTEN was 2019 the most successful German movie abroad based on admissions.

Schmerbeck Entertainment is now Germanys horror production company no.1 and is developing more German and english language horror scripts out of Germany.