Till Schmerbeck is an independent film producer based in Berlin and specializing on genre / horror movies with Germany.

Schmerbeck wants to entertain with important themes and fresh ideas!

Thinking and working for audience only.

The graduate of "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" in Ludwigsburg always creates marketing tools for every production.

He sees the best potential primarily in genre/horror and comedy movies. Open for international co-productions too.

Intelligent entertainment out of Germany.

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Schmerbeck Entertainment GmbH

Lottumstr. 17

D- 10119 Berlin / Germany

Tel. +49 30 - 4849 4444

Corellistr. 77

D- 40593 Düsseldorf / Germany

Tel. +49 211- 700 4604

skype: schmerbeck   

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